Online Photography and Post-production Education

We've been successfully doing advertising photography and post-production since 2004 and gathered vast experience in both areas. Now we offer everyone to learn commercial product photography and retouching in our interactive online school. After you complete the course and share the result with us, we closely look through all the images you've made and do personal one-on-one review through Skype or Google Hangouts.


Free Tutorials

These are free and basic yet extremely useful videos for beginners. If you're just starting your photography career and would like to learn some tricks that can help you to progress faster and make your way to commercial photography shorter that's the place. 


Product Photography and Post-production Courses

We create our courses based on real advertising projects we worked on. Learning photography this way gives our students a unique opportunity to practice not only their techniques but the whole approach to commercial photography and post-production.
One of the most important part of our courses is a live feedback after the course is complete. We go through every image you’ve created and not only share our opinion but do real life quick retouching and improve your images while we talk.


Interactive Post-production Course

The course has been specifically built for product photographers and retouchers, therefore it will help you to improve retouching skills in the most relevant directions: beer, electronic devices, splash, jewelry and accessories photography.