This course is for you, if you:

  • Have some experience with studio lighting and want to learn or improve your skills in a bottled beverage photography.
  • Learn how to photograph fast and easy with the minimum lighting gear, using it in with a very effective shooting techniques shown in this course.
  • Would like to become a pro in shooting beer and get enough confidence for working for major local or worldwide brands.
  • Interested in improving of your post production skills.

Final images from the course

Time duration: 3 hours 46 minutes. Instructors: Ilya Plotnikov, Max Plotnikov

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Photo Shoot

Lenses - Photo Shoot - 10min

Proper focal length is one of the keys to making a great photo. I go through several most common for commercial photography focal lengths and angles and compare results with ad pictures of different beer brands

01. Lenses - Photo Shoot.jpg

Lighting Part I - Photo Shoot - 11min

In order to achieve success in advertising photography one should first learn all basic tools and techniques that allow to get any desirable result. How to get a nice clean reflex on the bottle, how to create a fading reflex, how to avoid interference of several lights – these and other questions are answered in this and the next part.

Lighting Part II - Photo Shoot - 19min

Second and final part about lighting.

Miller - Photo Shoot - 20min

Classic “American” lighting scheme with one light behind the bottle and centered light on the label.

Miller Can - Photo Shoot - 9min

Some ideas could be much easier realized on retouching instead of creating a complicated lighting scheme. This image is an example of how simple post production can save a lot of time and allow to receive an impressive result.

05. Miller Can - Photo Shoot.jpg

Heineken - Photo Shoot - 22min

European style of shooting beer. Very delicate fading reflexes and calm mood.

Grolsch - Photo Shoot - 18min

Sometimes advertising images are based on a logo embossed on a glass. In this case the main goal is to show the beauty of shapes.

07. Grolsch - Photo Shoot.jpg

Tuborg - Photo Shoot - 11min

The whole new approach to shooting beer by making a series of images with just one light at a time and composing lights on post production.


Post Production

Stella Artois - Post Production - 21min

Retouching of Stella Artois bottle and working on the background.

Miller - Post Production - 24min

Retouching of the first image and creating a background with a glow underneath the bottle.

10. Miller - Post Production.jpg

Miller Can - Post Production - 7min

Retouching of the second image by composing three pictures into one image.

Heineken - Post Production - 22min

Retouching of the third image and creating a nice classic green Heineken background.

Grolsch - Post Production - 11min

Retouching of the fourth and five images. Color correction and composing of different parts of the images.

13. Grolsch - Post Production.jpg

Tuborg - Post Production - 21min

Retouching of the sixth image. An innovating technique of composing lights which give a great flexibility in a post production process.


Final Images you'll be able to create yourself